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This demo is from extremely early in development and does not represent the quality of the final product!

OTHER’s gameplay is inspired by RPGs and action games of yesteryear. You’ll explore a massive, handcrafted world, solving puzzles and discovering all sorts of upgrades and equipment. Here’s just a small sample of all there is to do!

  • Master a unique action-packed battle system!
  • Learn new magic spells to discover new locations!
  • Chat with a colorful cast of characters!
  • Kill some time by fishing, or playing cards!
  • Uncover the area's mysterious history!

Spirits have become increasingly malevolent around the humble village of Chestertown, terrorizing it to a standstill!

A child named Gershom finds himself investigating the mystery of the spirits alongside a masked young man, who insists on being referred to as a “wizard”. Together, the unlikely duo journey deep into the mysterious history of Chestertown, and end up part of something bigger than they could have ever imagined…

The whimsical world of OTHER is rich and complex; full of alluring artifacts, perplexing puzzles, and silly side-quests. You’ll encounter enemies of all shapes and sizes in a unique battle system that combines the best of turn-based strategy and stylish platforming action.

Exploring the world will reveal many new magical abilities! Use them to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and discover hidden paths in places old and new...

Quincy Pringle ― Programming, Design, Audio

Kelly Kirsch  ― Character Artist

Harry ― Sprite Artist

Featuring tilesets and other wonderful graphics by DDP and Surt.


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