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What is Super Pretentious Underground Dungeon?

Super Pretentious Underground Dungeon (SPUD) is a fantasy run-and-gun adventure. The game features five worlds, which you can move about freely in as you conquer the levels. As the Wizard, you have access to a wide arsenal of magical attacks and abilities. Explore towns, tackle huge bosses, replay old stages to find secrets, purchase new abilities, and meet a wide cast of characters as you journey through a world on the brink of collapse.

What is the story of SPUD?

You are the Wizard, a former high-profile adventurer who has dropped out of the spotlight over the years. Your old dungeon-raiding buddy, the Warlock, has just sent you an urgent letter begging you to come to his castle. He cryptically warns of a great disaster to come, but due to fears of the letter being intercepted is extremely brief. With many questions, you decide to begin the long journey to see what all the fuss is about.

SPUD is broken up into a chapter structure. Each chapter has its own mini-plot while contributing to the greater whole.

Updates? Contact?

You can hit up me on Twitter, join the SPUD Discord, or shoot me an email at pringledev@gmail.com.