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What a great little game.



mac version pls?

yeah i agree

Nice game! I played this to look for a new game to record myself playing, and I loved this one. :-) I've only gotten to the point where I can bury the present so far, so I think I need to move at *least* twice as fast as I have been. :-P Thanks for making it!

Heya, I played your game back on December the 4th, and I only raged a little! :D Cheers :)

What is the highest possible score on this game? The highest I've gotten was either Papyrus or Sans.


Hey Br-Brehs! I would just like to say that this is a pretty rad little game! :) Very rage inducing too! If you would like to see this rage and all the "Shannanigans" you can handle... Then please have a look at my Let's play! :) I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you! :)

I just have a question before i download the game. it says that there is a possible jumpscare on the title screen. I hate jumpscares but this game looks really fun! so can you just tell me what the jumpscare is? Is it like the slight jumpscare in undertale when chara sorta jumpscares you if you refuse to erase the world? Or is it something else like a creepy picture online popping up on-screen? because the chara one in undertale isnt too bad, but a creepy picture from the internet jumpscaring me would really freak me out...

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Oh, the jumpscare was in an older version of the game and has been removed. If you download the latest version of the game (v1.0.1b), you'll be just fine.

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oh ok, thanks for letting me know! Btw, I just tried out the game, and it's so fun and addicting! I love it!

I like the game but i cant even get past 3 seconds of the game it wont let me jump up when i use an xbox controller it works but its so annoying that i cant jump directly up please fix this

Starts off seeming like a harmless Undertale fan game - and then it becomes the most rage inducing game I've ever played.

Made a video a while back

Are you at all gonna release the sprites?


This is the most rage inducing game ever, nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh!


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Really enjoyed the game. Played it on my Youtube Channel and left a link to the game. Loved the sprites.

sorry i posted to much messages at once.sorry

you should make a dX edition were it adds more then it normaly has but better like level editer or more levels or power ups.bosses enything you want

hahhaahhahaah lvl pringle 9:04 time left

Yo nice job, I was wondering if somebody would find it.


full x to get that record, is really hard XD

Hey everybody, I've released an update based on player feedback that should fix some of the common problems (like the goal not triggering sometimes) among other things. I also removed or altered the original ARG elements so that the game is less of an inside joke and more accessible.

The changelog can be viewed here.

Thanks for your support!

Why can't I download? It doesn't work... :(

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Sorry about that. That was something I wanted to throw in back for the ARG as a novelty to mess with the people who were analyzing for clues. Glad you enjoyed it though.

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Yeah, I'm going to release an update soon with some bugfixes and I will definitely take that out, I'll probably alter the endings a bit too. Also, you wouldn't happen to know if someone streamed this recently, would you? I'm getting a massive influx of traffic and my analytic tools are just pointing me to twitch.

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Finally figured out the root of the problem, it depended on how long you took to get to the gate. If it was under a certain threshold, it wouldn't activate at all because I had one line of code in the wrong spot. Oops. Should be fine now though.


Did you have a bad time??? :3

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It took me way to long to reach the Second Checkpoint. I should not be punished for trying to beat your un-earthly disaster of a first level

Great game!

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This was fun! But unsure what the end was about.

Edit: Turns out it's related to ARG, so I guess it's not relevant anymore?

Actually, nobody has dug up the treasure yet! Feel free to spread the word around if you'd like, maybe you can find somebody who lives near the area who could pull it off. While technically the ARG is over, if somebody manages to dig it up the ending will be directly affected and something new just may pop up. Just because a conclusion was reached doesn't mean things are completely taken care of, after all.

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Well, I was just told that it's related to this

and that the thing was over, according to last page. But I am not really even sure if I get what it's about. Quite a lot to read there and so on.

(Did get the best ending which brought me here to ask about this all.)

So basically if I could have a short summary or so, would be nice.

i beat it but im confused as to how to enter the door at the end?? i've tried every button

It seems to be a bug. I replayed it and then it happened automatically.

It doesnt seem to work? The only file I got when I downloaded it was a .XML file D:

Huh, that's weird. Try maybe using a different browser? Is there a wrong link you might have clicked? Not sure what could be causing this :/